4NEW is the world’s first eco-friendly, waste to energy blockchain solution. The process of refining waste product into water and organic materials creates energy and that energy can then be sold to the national grid or applied to operate mining rigs at its onsite mining farm.


Project Districts

Project Districts is a decentralized 3D rendering platform with VR support that offers users the opportunity to materialize their ideas, or experiences a free to use blockchain ecosystem.



Vantage Token is a cryptocurrency that allows those who donate to nonprofits to see exactly where and how their funds are being spent.



Resibids is a decentralized rental network that allows renter to hold their identity across different properties with different landlords, and gives access to a broader global rental network. 



Gizer is a global gaming network with the ability for users to store their data across one database to carry their profiles and associated assets across many different gaming platforms.



The High Vibe Network is a decentralized self betterment platform that allows authors and content developers to reach a broader audience and influence the world through a network of like-minded individuals.


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