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If your question is more specific or hasn’t been answered here, reach out to us directly at [email protected]


How do I start?

To start the process please visit our contact page and schedule a call with us. On this call we’ll get a better understanding for your needs and how we may be able to help

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is most commonly known for its association with Bitcoin. Blockchains do allow for decentralized cryptocurrencies because of the immutable and distributed nature of data, but there are many more use cases beyond cryptocurrency. For more information please contact us here or feel free to learn more from our blog

Where are you based?

We’ve got multiple team membersĀ  across Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, and Florida. If you prefer an in-person consultation we can come to you. To start that process, please schedule a call here

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, we have a few weekly publications. Those new to cryptocurrency should follow us on our LinkedIn page to receive notifications to our blog. We also have a weekly Token Tuesday in which we do a deep dive on different token economies and their developments

Why should my company consider a blockchain solution?

There are many reasons including: identity management, distributed databases, fraud detection and logistics. Beyond this there are a multitude of emerging use cases that simply haven’t existed before such as automated contracts that moderate interactions without third parties, or the ability to tokenize assets to fractionalize ownership. If you’ve got an idea and still not sure if you should use blockchain or a cryptocurrency, you can reach us here

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is to schedule a call here or to send us an email at [email protected]

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Fitzner Blockchain Consulting is a leading management consulting firm that specializes in blockchain-based systems and their design